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Ottawa Senators AAA Technical Package

This technical package will outline how our team will play this year. We will be teaching and refining our individual and team skills all season so we can peak for the post season, the playoffs. This technical plan is broken into three simple to understand components based on three zones of the ice; the Defensive Zone, the Neutral Zone and the Offensive Zone. Within each of the three zones you will be taught what we want you to do as a team when;
  1. We have the puck?
  2. We don’t have the puck?
Sens hockey style of play will be known for the following four principles:
  1. Pressure high tempo offensive and defensive team
  2. Persistent work ethic in all areas of the ice
  3. Short high intensity shifts
  4. Disciplined team game
See the full document here.
The following are five core hockey skill competencies ranked in priority order that will be used to evaluate players trying out for all Ottawa Senators AAA teams. These five competencies form the foundation of what will be the team identity.
  • Skating
  • Hockey IQ
  • Attitude
  • Puck Control
  • Compete
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