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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Player who is released from one AAA Team tryout for another AAA Team as a transfer?

Will AAA Tryouts begin any earlier than the AA Tryouts begin now?

How will start up costs be handled by these new AAA Teams?

Will there be a process in place to ensure that the best 17 players are selected?

If AAA proves to be unsuccessful, what changes could be made during the pilot?

Could an existing A Team apply for AA status or be forced to B?

Why would the AAA Zone Proposal allow District 7 to leave the District B zone?

Will AAA cost more than AA?

Who will run AAA?

Can a new AAA Zone Association alter established policies and procedures to fit their needs?

Why has the AAA Committee proposed dropping an entire level of hockey?

If a AAA level player does not try out for AAA, will they be able to play AA?

How will you ensure that the best players are selected for each team?

Why do you expect the cost of AAA to be significantly higher than AA?

What relationship exists between the AAA Proposal and the CJHL Prospects Program?

I’m a parent of a prospective player. Can I be involved in tryouts?

Our family will be on vacation and cannot attend the first tryout session. What should I do?

What happens if my child is injured before or during tryouts?

My son has been invited to a junior camp. What should I do if he does not make the junior team?

My child needs new equipment. What are colours allowed by the Senators AAA teams?

Do the Senators AAA teams have a dress code?

What is the view of the association on ice time for players?

My child is an exceptional player. Would the Association allow him to play at a higher level?