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Junior Affiliation – Minor Midget and Midget

Affiliation Policy for all OSAAAHA Minor Midget and Midget eligible players

Updated as of February 19, 2013

The purpose of this document is to clarify the position that the Ottawa Senators AAA Hockey Association holds on the question of the affiliation of our 15 and 16 year old eligible players.  As an association we believe that the responsibility to our players is as follows:

  • Safety of the players
  • Social development as it pertains to our immediate community and the hockey community at large
  • Skill development
  • Competitive development
  • Team development
  • Prepare & promote each player when and where ever possible

As a result of this focus we have instituted an association affiliation policy.  This policy is in line with Hockey Canada guidelines but is governed and will be enforced by OSAAAHA.  Any player registered with our association will be required to follow this policy without exception. It should be noted that the purpose of this strict approach is not to restrict our players in any way but rather to protect our 15 and 16 year old players and their families from policies that are subject to limitless interpretation.

How to become an affiliated player

The OSAAAHA executive will evaluate each request for affiliation from a junior team on a case by case bases. The team wishing to affiliate a player must use the affiliation form available on the OSAAAHA web site.  The decision to affiliate will involve the legal guardian of the player, the player, the players coach, the OSAAAHA Technical Director and the management of any team requesting affiliation.  When the necessary documentation has been completed and been confirmed, including the players signature and that of the players legal guardian, and all parties are satisfied that the correct information is being used, a decision will be made. It should be noted that by virtue of the request to affiliate a 15 or 16 year old player, the team wishing to affiliate acknowledges that the player has the skill and physical capacity to receive ice time commensurate with the player’s caliber.

How to contact a prospective player

If a team would like to use an affiliated player the head coach or general manager of the junior team is required to call Blake Callaghan to ensure that there is not a conflict. A follow up e mail will also be required.

Once it is determined that there are no association or schedule conflicts, the team requesting affiliation will complete the OSAAAHA affiliation form.  The head coach of the player’s team will then be required to call the legal guardian and get permission to ask the player to become affiliated. The player must agree to attend the higher team’s ice session on his own.

N.B.  At no time will a OSAAAHA player be contacted directly from a junior team. The team seeking affiliation from any OSAAAHA must follow this procedure outlined herein or the request for affiliation will be denied. This policy will be strictly enforced.

The following are reasons why a request would not be granted:

  • All players must be members in good standing before they are allowed to play      as an affiliated player
  • Any player that participates in a game or practice at the Jr. Level and does      not have consent from his Technical Director will become a member not in      good standing
  • A player cannot play in a junior game while serving a suspension at the      minor level
  • Jr. teams to provide each association with copies of all affiliation forms for      record keeping
  • Injury
  • Scholastic demands
  • Disciplinary action from his coach or association
  • Risk and Safety

ODHA and Hockey Canada on 15 and 16 year old players

The ODHA and Hockey Canada have s allowed 15 year old players to affiliate with both a Junior team and a Midget team. Minor Midget aged players (15 year olds) are permitted to affiliate to their Major Midget team and to one of either a Junior A, or Junior B team in accordance with the Hockey Canada Canadian Development Model.

What a player can expect

Once an eligible (see above for a description of eligible players) OSAAAHA player has completed the necessary association tasks required to become an affiliated player they will be eligible to participate with their respective affiliate teams.

OSAAAHA 16 Year old players and 17 Year old players

16 year old and 17 year old players affiliated players are restricted to ten (10) games with the affiliate team(s) from the beginning of the season to end.

OSAAAHA 15 Year old players

15 year old players can play a maximum of five (5) games with a Major Junior team and a maximum of five (5) games with a Junior A or B team. It is Major Junior AND Junior A or B. If a Major Junior team does not use the fifteen (15) year old affiliation option, you are restricted to a maximum of five (5) games with a Junior A or B team.

All eligible affiliated players are allowed to practice with their Junior Team provided that they are listed as a special affiliate and have approval from their Midget team (when & where applicable).

OSAAAHA affiliation – in line with the Hockey Canada Development Model


There will be limited affiliation to Junior hockey for players fifteen (15) years of age. Affiliation will be completed under the following provisions (F.53):

Affiliation of first year eligible Midget players (fifteen (15) year olds) to Major Junior and Junior A and B hockey teams shall be permitted with the following restrictions:

1. A team may affiliate no more than five (5) players for up to a maximum of five (5) games during the season.

2. The player must sign a special affiliation form with the permission of his regular team.

3. A player shall NOT be called up, except under emergency conditions, when the player’s regular team is playing or when the player has semester exams at school.

4. When the player’s regular team is finished its season, the player may join the Major Junior/Junior A or B team for the balance of its season.

5. In Junior hockey, the team would be restricted to calling up one (1) fifteen (15) year old per game.

6. A player may specially affiliate to a Major Junior team and a Junior A or B team in the same season and play a maximum of five (5) games with each team if he so chooses and his regular team agrees.

7. Should a Major Junior League choose not to utilize this provision, the player would NOT be eligible to affiliate to two (2) other Junior teams in that league or region.

8. This affiliation process is unique to Major Junior and Junior A & B hockey and the Branches are encouraged to keep this process consistent and not to have too many variations at the Branch level. Players have to be on an affiliation list in order to play and there can be no more than five (5) players (fifteen (15) years of age) per team. A team may add to the affiliation list to reach the five (5), but you cannot remove players and add another as a replacement. If a player is removed from a team, he cannot go to another team (unless it is a Major Junior team as per the above provisions). These players fall under the special affiliate classification. The final date to add names to this list is January 15.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, it is the mandate of the OSAAAHA to put the safety and development of each of our registered players above the needs of Junior hockey.  If it is determined that eligible players being recruited for affiliation have met all of the criteria to support their affiliation, no player will be denied the opportunity to experience the affiliation.

Comments on our policy are welcome from all members of our association.  All OSAAAHA policies are reviewed regularly however comments and or suggestions from any party will not necessarily affect a change in policy.


Greg Clarke